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[Osdc-edu-authors] What I'm working on this week:

Hi folks.  A number of things cooking.  Happy to hand any of these ideas off if someone has cycles, or even if someone wants to co-write a piece.

1. Interview with Mark Horner of FullMarks.  No response yet, but it's on his radar.  He was at a conference last week, so I hope he has time to look into it this week.

2.  Washington State's 2-year colleges are teaming up to produce OER:


Interesting article, and interesting to go through their site (http://opencourselibrary.wikispaces.com/).  There's an article waiting to be written here, I think, that both (a) celebrates their effort, and (b) looks at "what's necessary to get colleges to gather together and produce open content".

3. "Would you teach your kids using just OER?"  I think this could be a great discussion article that I'll be working on in the next day or two.  "Hey, you know all the money that the government pays to put your kid through school?  Let's suppose that someone offered you that money to teach your child using nothing but OER.  Would your kid get a good education?"  Looking at the latest and greatest of OER, including things like the Connexions and OER Commons and the Khan Academy.  Probably a bit of a rabble-rousing piece.

Anyway, that's what I'll be doing.  Should have something to post later this week.

What are other folks working on?


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