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[Osdc-edu-authors] Some recently posted articles from FIE and Engineer of the Future

A few articles that recently came out from events Sebastian and I went to...


This has some great comments that might make good follow-up articles - I pinged Gary Scarborough about his comment and asked if he'd like to do something from IT's perspective - "what do you wish teachers/students knew?"


I'd love to have the professors on the panel as guest authors here (welcome, Heidi!) elaborating more on the thoughts they shared... it's getting close to Finals (and therefore DEATH) season at many schools here in the US, though.


Actually, I wonder if an opensource.com Ignite night might be fun. Maybe a 20-slide slidedeck competition on the topic of http://opensource.com/life/10/11/open-thread-how-do-you-describe-open-source-uninitiated.


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