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Re: [Osdc-edu-authors] open.umich.edu

What if someone transcribed the video to be published as an article
on opensource.com? (With the video embedded, naturally.) Our
transcription would be CC BY SA, and so could be remixed with the
video, translated, and so forth. We'd get an article out of it, to

I love this idea. We could upload the transcript as captions, the same way Kevin captioned the POSSE video - a great contribution to "upstream" as well.

I listened/lipread once through and typed up what I could in realtime - my hearing's bad enough that I was essentially able to type everything I understood, but it's perhaps a starting point someone else could fill in.


Open is important because lots ?? behind a paywall ?? having a log in ?? a lot of high quality teaching materials ??

It's also mission consitent. So what's the basis of learning here? We see knowledge and distribute knowledge. We do it in teaching. So it makes a great deal of sense to ??

It's a business mechanism of what academics do and of teaching tends to be quite consitent with having people pay to do their work and then figure out ways to ?? that work ??

?? technology and the existence of the internet worldwide, the marginal cost ?? close to zero as you can get, so there's a very strong argument for ?? cost of production is much more than zero. And we have to figure out how to pay for them. But there's a very strong argument for not charging for things that cost nothing ?? and I think that logic is part of what drives ?? OpenMichigan, and the fact that ?? develop new organizationa forms and mechanisms in order to pay for them.

?? very large ?? of what it is that we do, ?? and the university has actually been extremely willing to support that ?? that evern though we sell the product ?? giving it away courses is different enough ?? that the University has, so far anyhow, ?? perfectly okay public service.

Engaging in this kind of activity where orientation is in part orientation to ?? we provide opportunites and mechanism for our students and our faculty to learn more ?? contribute more to the world and think that actually is very positive.

So open is at the essence of academic work, and the essence of the library, and actually goes back to the principle of ?? logic of open. And ?? just as I described ?? digital analogue ?? to citing and ?? commenting scholarship.

That last one was good. I want a copy of that.

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