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[Osdc-edu-authors] In-progress articles - help with reviews, status-checks?

I've updated http://opensource.com/education/authors-schedule to reflect a couple drafts I've seen pushed to the list lately.

The ones listed as in-progress that seem to be waiting for an editor to pick them up and polish them:

    * (Grant Hearn) FOSS and education in South Africa
    * (mchua) Hey teachers - you intimidate us too!
    * (mchua) Turning admissions upside-down

(On the authors-schedule page, these are all linked to the last email in the archives on this list referring to that article. Also, comments on them by anybody on this list would be quite welcome too!)

There are three listed as in-progress that I don't know status on. Could we get updates?

    * (jadudm) Various professor interviews from SIGCSE 2011
    * (Mihaela Sabin) HFOSS symposium at SIGCSE 2011, others?
    * (Ralph Morelli) HFOSS symposium at SIGCSE 2011?
    * (mbitter) The Equity Project (TEP)



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