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[Osdc-list] Lockheed Martin goes open, people freak | opensource.com review – Vol 2 Issue 10

Another solid week on opensource.com to end out the month of July–those dogs days of Summer seem to be winding down and our content keeps getting better. There were a variety of topics discussed including jail breaking your iPhone (by Simon Phipps), Lockheed Martin going open source, WikiLeaks, creating online community, New Zealand software patents, democracy and open data, an interview with Jim Zemlin from the Linux Foundation, and more. As I like to say, there’s something for everyone.

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Interview with Linux Foundation executive director Jim Zemlin
by Jason Hibbets

New Zealand rejects software patents
by Venkatesh Hariharan

Patching democracy with open data
by Josh Lawson

Poll: Which industry would you improve using the open source way?
by Jason Hibbets

Going to LinuxCon? Let's have ice cream.
by Ruth Suehle

Lockheed Martin goes open source, people freak out.
by Gunnar Hellekson

Managing clouds and the death of formality in business
by Chris Grams

Creating online community the open source way
by Jason Hibbets

Who had the first government open source policy?
by Gunnar Hellekson

iPhone jailbreaking decision is temporary relief
by Simon Phipps

Trust, transparency, and WikiLeaks: Who gets to have control?
by Ruth Suehle

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