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Re: [Osdc-list] Points system

I really like points when it's not a weighting of activity.  Slashdot does it ok, and it helps keep spam and trolls at bay. But I know TikiWiki's points system is really granular and has so much merit behind it.  You can put weight behind articles, so that as you post articles they are worth say 10.  Then comments are worth 0.  However, a voted up comment would be worth 3 points.  So since articles are moderated, people can't really cheat there.  And since comments are worth 0, you can't cheat there.  However, if people are voting them up, it's worth something.

So yeah, people who are more active will have more chance to get more points just from increasing chances, but you still have to give something that people see as worthwhile to receive said points.  As long as Drupal's module is granular enough so sheer content doesn't give points, then I think it's a great thing because it not only spurs more conversation, but it spurs more good conversation.  People might think harder about what they post, and listen harder as they read other posts.

/2 cents

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Does it get me free Red Hat stuff if I win lots of points? ;-)

Seriously, I'm not much into the points thing, unless it's for
something other than popularity.  If, like StackOverflow and its kin,
those with the best answers, as vetted by those who have already been
deemed to be the best answerers, get more points.  If it causes the
the more useful information to float to the surface, it's useful.  If
it's merely gold stars on people's foreheads, that got kind of old
after Kindergarten (though in theory, those stars were for jobs well

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