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[Osdc-list] hint.io, desire lines, and Netflix | opensource.com weekly Vol 4, Issue 3

A good week for comments on the site. We posted a few things that sparked a little debate and some conversation. Did you get a chance to say what’s on your mind?

One small thing that you can do this week to help:

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The role of open source in emerging economies: A Malaysian success story
by Michael Tiemann

How deep is our passion for open source?
http://opensource.com/life/10/11/what-our-intensity-open-source Poll:
by Colin Dodd

Gawker's compromised data and the ethics of transparency
http://opensource.com/life/10/12/what-hintio-and-why-are-they-emailing-you What is hint.io?
by Ruth Suehle

The Supreme Court takes a new case on the standard for invalidating patents
by Mike Pavento

Operation: Stick Figure Army turns 2D teaching into 3D learning
by Matt Jadud

Discovering desire lines: How to break down barriers and let paths emerge
by Jonathan Opp

Seven things I would change about my schooling
by Rebecca Fernandez

Netflix completes the open source giving cycle
by Jason Hibbets

Your ideas are your assets: Jim Whitehurst on 21st century value
by Kim Jokisch

Why management innovation is so hard
by Gary Hamel

Open your world forum: transcript of the Bob Sutton webcast
by bascha

European Interoperability Framework supports openness
by Mark Bohannon


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