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Re: [Osdc-list] pipeline for 7/20 | who to interview

Hi folks,

Sorry for the mis-directed email, I guess the osdc-list and osdc-life mailing lists are close enough together that I overlooked this one. No worries.

But if the broader opensource.com community has ideas on people who might be interesting to interview, please send your ideas to the list or directly to me. It would be great if we could start branching out beyond the software walls and find some folks in business, government, education, law, healthcare, science, music, etc that are using open source principles.


Jason Hibbets wrote:
Hey life authors and contributors,

I just updated our writing topics page:

Looks like we've got Travis' open music article ready to go on Wednesday. I've got a Google / Chris DiBona article (thanks Bascha) that's waiting on review from Chris. Ruth has a video that's almost ready.

Take a look at the page, we've got specific and general topics for folks to write on. If you know someone, let's see if we can recruit some new writers. If you can think of anyone we should interview, let's brainstorm that as well.

I'm also waiting to get the Jim Zemlin article back. I'll look to set-up a meeting for everyone to sync-up next week.

Is there anything else I'm missing for this week or any new ideas for the life channel? We can use this thread for the time being since we haven't met in a while.

Last update: We are hosting the TriDUG meeting this Thursday 7/22 @7pm in the meeting hall here at 1801 Varsity Drive (Red Hat HQ) if you can make it, please attend. I'll be presenting with a few others on using Drupal to build communities.


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