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Re: [Osdc-list] Open Source Webinar/Webcast Platform?

On Wed, Jul 28, 2010 at 12:07:51PM -0400, Nick Mathew wrote:
> DimDim hasn't released any updates to their open-source product for 2 years.
> Its supposed to be on version 5.5 (
> http://onlinehelp.dimdim.com/getstarted/Whats-New.html), but their
> sourceforge site (http://sourceforge.net/projects/dimdim/files/) only has
> downloads for the 4.5 version.
> An alternative would be to use something like BigBlueButton -
> http://bigbluebutton.org/. Its open-source, probably has all the features
> required. I haven't used it personally, but it does look like a nice
> product. One advantage of Dimdim is that it is user friendly.
> Flash seems to be the way to go for the time being. (At least till the other
> options mature).

Yes, this is what happens when real desires meet real reality.

We had a first multimedia experience for opensource.com, it had to use
the technology at hand.  It had to be usable by the team assembled to
do the work, and readable (audio, video) by the audience we are most
interested in reaching.  We can set a plan for getting to a FOSS
solution, but some of it may not yet be ready for use *here*.  (Which
is to say, there are solutions that are 100% FOSS but perhaps not
feature matching for the specific set of requirements of

This is a common problem -- open source conferences having non-libre
pieces in their production and delivery stack.  We can throw in with
them seeking solutions.

Part of that is building a need for a solution *here*.  I'd rather us
get up more Open Your World-type forums with solutions moving toward
"best in open source end-to-end".  Being that our audience includes
those still understanding the open source way, this is a chance for us
to teach as we improve.  (Believe me, I'd much rather just open up a
can o' resources to solve this before we need to broadcast next, but
I'm more afraid of stopping momentum *if* we can maintain momentum
with the right ethics and authenticity.)

Chris - let's use this thread to spell out the exact parameters we
need in a solution.  I'd like to turn that in to a short article on
OSDC that can be a node for further discussion with the wider world on
how to get a useable 100% FOSS from end-to-end multimedia solution for
the use cases we have.  (And maybe we'll find out we have it already
and just need to e.g. hire Fluendo to implement.  Thus we'll learn
what size can o' resources to open.)

- Karsten
name:  Karsten 'quaid' Wade, Sr. Community Gardener
team:                Red Hat Community Architecture 
uri:               http://TheOpenSourceWay.org/wiki
gpg:                                       AD0E0C41

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