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[Osdc-list] Open services innovation, education reform | opensource.com review, Vol 3, Issue 11

*Open services innovation, education reform, and teaching students the how-to of open source*

Here’s your weekly glimpse of what’s happening on opensource.com.

We hosted our biggest webcast ever last week, featuring Gary Hamel and Henry Chesbrough [http://bit.ly/cuVQnL]. More than 500 people joined us live–it was a big success.

Two weeks ago, we posted Introducing students to the world of open source: Day 1 [http://bit.ly/9QYmeS], which generated quite a bit of traffic. So last Friday we posted Introducing students to the world of open source: Day 2 [http://bit.ly/bz1bnz]. If you’re interested in hosting one of your own, part 2 of this story has some good tips.

One small thing that you can do this week to help:If you know people who might have been interested in our Open Services Innovation webcast but missed it, the recap and recording are now available. Tweet, dent, post to Facebook–spread the word any way you like. [http://bit.ly/cuVQnL]

What is opensource.com? A community for exploring how open source principles like collaboration, transparency, and meritocracy are influencing innovation beyond technology–shaping education, law, business, government, and everyday life.

The opensource.com team wants to provide you with a weekly snapshot about what’s happening on the site and remind you of some of the ways that you can participate. [http://opensource.com/participate]


Recap: Open Your World webcast with Gary Hamel and Henry Chesbrough
Author: Ruth Suehle

Better Means: a new app for running your organization the open source way
Author: Chris Grams

Coffee, designers, and US education reform
Author: Rebecca Fernandez

Uncovering open access
Author: Michael Patrick Rutter and James Sellman

Diversifying Saudia Arabia though open source and its university-by-design
Author: Art Seavey

East meets West: The US-India open government dialogue
Author: Venkatesh Hariharan

Introducing students to the world of open source: Day 2
Author: Asheesh Laroia

Google stands up for your data
Author: Ruth Suehle

Joining us on IRC
Author: Ruth Suehle

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