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[Osdc-list] Open access, tool traps, and web edu FAIL | opensource.com review, Vol 3, Issue 12

I wanted to start of this week by saying thanks. Thanks to everyone who visits the site, contributes to the community, joins in the conversations, and helps us tell the world about the open source way.

Last week was another solid week on the site. We had over 30,000 page view, 14 new posts, and some excellent conversations that are continuing this week.

One small thing that you can do this week to help:

* Try out our new share buttons on the site: Twitter, identi.ca, reddit, StumbleUpon, Facebook


What is opensource.com? A community for exploring how open source principles like collaboration, transparency, and meritocracy are influencing innovation beyond technology–shaping education, law, business, government, and everyday life.

The opensource.com team wants to provide you with a weekly snapshot about what’s happening on the site and remind you of some of the ways that you can participate.


Avoid the tool trap when building communities
by Chris Grams

Open access overview: Focusing on open access to peer-reviewed research
articles and their preprints
by Peter Suber

Poll: Where do we live?
by Colin Dodd

We work in public
by Polly LaBarre

Good design is hard on all of us
by Gunnar Hellekson

Three unspoken blockers that prevent professors from teaching open
source community participation
by Mel Chua

STEM education: Live chat at noon with Al Gore, Dean Kamen, Sally Ride,
and the Mythbusters
by Ruth Suehle

Ben Brown on open source journalism, PeoplePods, and parties
by Jason Hibbets

Is software too abstract to be patented?
by Rob Tiller

Open thread: How do you describe open source to the uninitiated?
by Colin Dodd

Frontiers in Education: A recap
by Sebastian Dziallas

EPIC FAIL: the sorry state of web education in schools
by OpenMatt

Open standards policy in India: A long, but successful journey
by Venkatesh Hariharan

What's your teaser trailer for open source and student engagement?
by Sebastian Dziallas

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Project Manager | Brand Communications + Design
Red Hat :: 1801 Varsity Drive :: Raleigh, NC  27606

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