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Re: [Osdc-list] stories for Utah talk

Karsten Wade wrote:
Hi all:

This coming weekend I'm giving a talk at UTOSC, the Utah Open Source
Conference, in the stead of Ruth Suehle:


So it seems like the approach will be like this:

1. Introduction - how we're seeing the open source way used in many
   different ways, why we started opensource.com.

2. Illustrative stories from each of the opensource.com sections
   (business, government, law, education, life.)

For the stories, I reckon there were some specific ideas a few months
ago when this was submitted (as evidenced in the proposal), but I'm
wondering ...

* What do you think is a great or best example of a story from each of
  those categories?

Here are my recommendations for each section:

Business: http://opensource.com/business/10/9/facebook-generation-vs-fortune-500 - Having a post from Gary Hamel is helping us cross-pollinate new ways of thinking for business management and tie them to open source principles. This type of post is helping us reach new audiences and has some impressive Twitter action: http://bit.ly/cSqzDY+

Education: http://opensource.com/education/10/9/open-source-goes-high-school
- For me, this is an inspiring story and challenges the educational status quo.

Government: http://opensource.com/government/10/9/government-doesnt-look-good-naked - Almost any article can highlight what we're doing in the government channel, transparency in government. What it means, to the gov't and citizens. Also, lots of talk about open data, standards, etc. We're finding those stories and telling them.

Law: http://opensource.com/law/10/5/total-victory-patent-lawsuit-against-open-source-software - A view of software patents from the front lines. The law channel also talks about copyright, licensing, and trademarks in the cross hairs of open source principles.

Life: http://opensource.com/life/10/9/developing-films-open-source-way
- Think open source doesn't impact your everyday life? Think again. We're talking about how the open source way has made it's way into music, video, photography, health care, and many other things that impact your everyday life.

* Anything else you'd like me to do or consider when representing

- Participate on the site: rate, comment, or write.
- Join us on: Twitter, identi.ca, FaceBook, YouTube, Linked-In, flickr, RSS, IRC, email list - Always looking for contributors to write or share stories - help us tell the great open source stories that are happening out there
- over 1,000,000 page views since launch
- over 50 articles in September

Here is my presentation about OSDC that I gave to TriDug this summer:

I can send you the OO version if you want to borrow some slides, but I don't want to send a large attachment to the entire list.


cheers - Karsten


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