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Re: [Osdc-list] Fwd: Open and Closed -- Closed-captions for opensource.com videos?

In the "putting one's money where one's mouth is" department, since I complained about one video in particular both in the comments and to Mel, I'll see what I can do to tackle that one.

One suggestion: I don't know what production values go into the producing of the videos.  However, being somewhat cynically realistic, this material looks to have more quality control than someone wanking off a video in their mom's basement.  In addition to being "all about the love of open source" the material that goes up on the site is also on some level a P.R. vehicle for a company that will remain nameless. ;-)

As such, I'm guessing there's a wee bit of a script / plan.  *IF* said info has some of the "sound bytes" that are going to be read aloud verbatim -- or even nearly verbatim, it would save re-typing if those quotes were in an open source format that could be cut and pasted into captioning tools.  No?

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