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[Osdc-list] The government doesn’t look good n aked | opensource.com review – Vol 3 Issue 3

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The government doesn't look good naked.
by Gunnar Hellekson

Phase 1 Garage: The next generation of entrepreneurship
by Ruth Suehle

Poll: How do you get your video games?
by Jason Hibbets

Can hierarchy and sharing co-exist?
by Rebecca Fernandez

Are you building a community or a club?
by Chris Grams

Live from New York, it's finally Diaspora night! (Sort of.)
by Ruth Suehle

GROUND LAB Part 1: Practical prototyping and the history of
technological development
by Ground Lab

I'll have the oolong, with a splash of open source
by Art Seavey

Developing films the open source way
by Darryl L. Pierce

Open chocolate: Saving $800 million through collaboration
by Ruth Suehle

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