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Re: [Osdc-list] [Osdc-edu-authors] opensource.com/education planet

So, I'd be happy to participate... I wonder if I would find more value
(in terms of my personal participation) in aggregating two sources: a
tag on my blog and a tag in my Delicious Bookmarks. That way, I could
treat a particular tag in my bookmarks as a "microblog". I get 1000
characters in the notes field, which is more than enough space to say
something moderately insightful while linking to a resource.

Would that fit in this model? I ask simply because I don't do a lot of
"full contact" blogging lately...

Re: Matt - I think so, yes. I would expect these Planets to be something of a firehose - i.e. there'll likely be sufficient volume that I would not expect myself to read every single post, but on any given day I can "dip into the river" and get a glance of what's on people's minds. Bookmarks with annotations are certainly on the list of "what's on people's minds."

Re: Remy - I think we'd want the people listed on Planet to be regular authors for a channel, so if the students were writing opensource.com articles on a regular basis, I'd +1 for them adding an 'osdc' tag to their blog and feeding that into the Planet. Just normal class blogs, though, I would pass on. Basically, I'd like this to be a collection of uncurated, osdc-tagged thoughts of curated people (i.e. whoever we designate as an "opensource.com author," not sure of the criteria). That should keep the signal to noise ratio high... thoughts?

Re: Chris - Total +1 to the Wikipedia discussion tab analogy - that might actually work from an interface design perspective as well.


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