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[Osdc-list] This week on opensource.com (April 1) | Vol 5, Issue 5

Welcome new contributors: Steve Radick, Abhi Nemani, and Ryan Rix. We have 16 great articles on a variety of topics to end out March and get April off to a good start. No joking. Well, there might be one in there…

This is your weekly snapshot about what’s happening on the site and, of course, to remind you of the different ways you can participate. One small thing that you can do to help:

    * Check out our new Open*Health community: http://opensource.com/health

*This week's articles*

Take the Ada Initiative census - by Ruth Suehle

Does your organization think like Ptolemy? - by Chris Grams

Event review: POSSCON matures - by David Nalley

Open For Business: Open source for sale - by Tarus Balog

Can the open source way help nurture passion in classrooms? - by Mary Ann

Why Business is Brain-Dead--and How to Wake Up - by Umair Haque

The many roles of an internal community manager - by sradick

Celebrate Document Freedom Day! - by Mark Bohannon

Document Freedom Day: UK releases Government ICT Strategy in .odt - by Mark Bohannon

How hackerspaces make any city an open source city - by Ryan Rix

NASA concludes first Open Source Summit, aims to make openness the default - by Ruth Suehle

Capturing SIGCSE conversation: Computer science professors discuss teaching open source - by Mel Chua

Federal IT Dashboard goes open source - by Abhi Nemani

Open Health: Improving health the open source way - by Lori Mehen

Open leadership webcast recap: How social technology can transform how you lead with Charlene Li - by bascha

Steam for Linux confirmed - by Ruth Suehle

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