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[Osdc-list] This week on opensource.com (April 8) | Vol 5, Issue 6

Welcome new contributors Robert Douglass and Adam Drew. This week, we have everything from Amazon to the Avett Brothers and VistA to Bach. Yep, open source is all around us.

This is your weekly snapshot about what's happening on the site and, of course, to remind you of the different ways you can participate. One small thing that you can do to help:

* See how we are highlighting topics liks Collaboration, Transparency, and Innovation on the home page: http://opensource.com/

*This week’s articles*

    * Amazon Cloud Drive elicits pearl-clutching and déjà vu - by bascha
** http://opensource.com/life/11/4/amazon-cloud-drive-elicits-pearl-clutching-and-d%C3%A9j%C3%A0-vu

* Belated thoughts on the "Building a Better Boss" webcast with Bob Sutton - by Rebecca Fernandez ** http://opensource.com/business/11/3/belated-thoughts-%E2%80%9Cbuilding-better-boss%E2%80%9D-webcast-bob-sutton

    * Some authenticity advice from the Avett Brothers - by Chris Grams
** http://opensource.com/business/11/3/some-authenticity-advice-avett-brothers

* Got an idea for a healthcare mobile app? Apply for a Rock Health grant. - by Ruth Suehle ** http://opensource.com/health/11/4/got-idea-healthcare-mobile-app-apply-rock-health-grant

    * A truly open VistA - by Gunnar Hellekson and Karsten Wade
    ** http://opensource.com/government/11/4/truly-open-vista

    * Open source Bach - by Robert Douglass
    ** http://opensource.com/life/11/4/open-source-bach

    * Attacking open source because it's democratic - by Dana Blankenhorn
** http://opensource.com/government/11/4/attacking-open-source-because-its-democratic

* Webcast preview: Free and open source software for music production - by Adam Drew ** http://opensource.com/life/11/4/webcast-preview-free-and-open-source-software-music-production

* Improving the speed and quality of research via shared algorithm implementations - by David Doria ** http://opensource.com/education/11/3/improving-speed-and-quality-research-shared-algorithm-implementations

    * What does your healthcare really cost you? - by Lori Mehen
    ** http://opensource.com/health/11/4/healthcare-costs

* Increasing nutritional transparency--The FDA wants your input - by Ruth Suehle ** http://opensource.com/life/11/4/increasing-nutritional-transparency-fda-wants-your-input

* OVC evolution, a snapshot of a student HFOSS work-in-progress - by Stephen Jacobs ** http://opensource.com/education/11/3/ovc-evolution-snapshot-student-hfoss-work-progress

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