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[Osdc-list] This week on opensource.com (April 15) | Vol 5, Issue 7

Welcome new contributors Joe 'Zonker' Brockmeier and Flavio Freitas. This week, we have a great interview with Jeremy Gutsche and I like how Ruth Suehle worked both Roswell and Tupac into a post--check it out. We're also gearing up for what’s sure to be an awesome webcast on making open source music. The webcast with Adam Drew is on April 20th.

As always, this is your weekly snapshot about what's happening on the site and, of course, to remind you of the different ways you can participate [http://opensource.com/participate].

One small thing that you can do to help:
    * Register for our webcast next week on how to make open source music:
o http://opensource.com/life/11/4/learn-make-open-source-music-register-now-webcast-adam-drew

*This week's articles*

    * Balancing transparency and privacy - by Simon Phipps
o http://opensource.com/life/11/4/balancing-transparency-and-privacy

* Darwinism determining the future of cloud computing? - by Marten Mickos o http://opensource.com/business/11/3/darwinism-determining-future-cloud-computing

    * Patent reform bills with little reform - by Erick Robinson
o http://opensource.com/law/11/4/patent-reform-bills-little-reform

    * Who will be the new face of openness at Google? - by Chris Grams
o http://opensource.com/business/11/4/who-will-be-new-face-openness-google

    * Scott McNealy, Obama, and Open Source - by Gunnar Hellekson
o http://opensource.com/government/11/4/scott-mcnealy-obama-and-open-source

    * Helping the VA navigate VistA's open road - by Karsten 'quaid' Wade
o http://opensource.com/government/11/4/helping-va-navigate-vistas-open-road

* Interview: Jeremy Gutsche, innovation expert and founder of TrendHunter.com - by Ruth Suehle
          o http://opensource.com/life/11/4/interview-jeremy-gutsche

* Diving into open source communities: Students' need to knows - by Mel Chua o http://opensource.com/education/11/4/diving-open-source-communities-student-need-knows

* Six public relations lessons for open source projects - by Joe 'Zonker' Brockmeier o http://opensource.com/life/11/4/six-public-relations-lessons-open-source-projects

* Is Google Health on its deathbed? Privacy and the personal health record - by Ruth Suehle o http://opensource.com/health/11/4/google-health-its-deathbed-privacy-and-personal-health-record

* Closer to a real open source digital cinema than we think - by flavio freitas o http://opensource.com/life/11/4/closer-real-open-source-digital-cinema-we-think

    * Poll: calorie labeling on your menus - by Lori Mehen
o http://opensource.com/health/11/4/poll-calorie-labeling-your-menus

* Will displaying calorie counts on menus make us healthier? - by Lori Mehen o http://opensource.com/health/11/4/will-displaying-calorie-counts-menus-make-us-healthier

    * From Roswell to Tupac, FBI opens The Vault - by Ruth Suehle
          o http://opensource.com/life/11/4/roswell-tupac-fbi-opens-vault

* Learn to make open source music--Register now for a webcast with Adam Drew - by Ruth Suehle o http://opensource.com/life/11/4/learn-make-open-source-music-register-now-webcast-adam-drew

* Gabriella Coleman talks Education, Human Rights and Social Change - by Colby Hoke o http://opensource.com/education/11/3/gabriella-coleman-talks-education-human-rights-and-social-change

* Creative Commons plaintext licenses and using CC0 for software - by Ruth Suehle o http://opensource.com/law/11/4/creative-commons-plaintext-licenses-and-using-cc0-software

    * Can collaboration heal rising medical costs? - by Lori Mehen
o http://opensource.com/health/11/4/can-collaboration-heal-rising-medical-costs

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