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[Osdc-list] Open source games: It’s a team e ffort | opensource.com weekly Vol 4, Issue 11

For the weekend, 14 new articles from opensource.com

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*This week's articles*

Your open source management approach: Red Team or Blue Team? - by Chris Grams

The open-by-rule governance benchmark - by Simon Phipps

Register now: General Hugh Shelton webcast, February 16 - by Ruth Suehle

More ratings, please - by Simon Phipps

Open source games: It’s a team effort - by Erlend Sogge Heggen

Leadership in open  source communities - by David Nalley

Community building the Packers way - by Travis Kepley

Four ways to undermine a community - by Rebecca Fernandez

Freedom to Read, Freedom to Write: Celebrating Document Freedom Day 2011 - by Fernanda Weiden

Open source software gains ground in higher education - by David Doria

First open hardware definition has been released - by Ruth Suehle

Democratizing fashion - by Lori Mehen

sprout: Reclaiming science as a creative craft - by Ruth Suehle

A MeeGo timeline: What led up to today's Microsoft/Nokia partnership? - by Ruth Suehle

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