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Re: [Osdc-list] Website: "Thumbs" voting should be moved up alongside comment title and avatar

Hello Erlend and other community members,

Thanks for pointing this out. We are currently working to resolve this issue with a quick re-design of the comment section. I'd also like to thank Peter Borsa for also having a good eye and spotting this:

 > I found a little bug when I voted a comment. It can be see here,
 > http://rookery9.aviary.com.s3.amazonaws.com/6837000/6837342_5609.png

I've attached a mock-up that I would like to get some feedback on before we deploy it to our production site. If you would like to provide feedback, please do so by the end of the week. If you'd like you can add your comments to this post and earn 5 points :) with out points system (don't forget to be logged in)


Here are the highlights of the changes being proposed. One thing that is not specified in the graphic is the (re)addition of role-based badges and special badges. Some of you may remember that we briefly had badges displayed in the comments section, but chose to remove them until we could improve their layout.

1. Removed 'new' from the headline of each comment. As we add more and more items, stuff like 'new' and color coding is visual clutter distracting from the content. 2. Changed the headline from blue to black--the idea being it would be blue on rollover, just like the headlines on the homepage. 3. Removed 'by' as it's well understood that the linked account name is the commenter. We looked at some other sites like Wired and this looks fairly standard. 4. Moved the thumbs up/thumbs down to the bottom right corner near 'reply' with the idea being that replying and liking/disliking are the two actions a user can make on any comment. 5. No green/red coding on the numbers next to thumbs up/thumbs down. The icons are enough to get across the point. We also reduced the size of the type to 10pts. 6. No column wrap for the body of the content. Everything should line up with the headline, commenter name, and badges.


Erlend Sogge Heggen wrote:
Hope this is the place to recommend web tweaks.

See this (same as attached):

As the title explains, I think the "thumbs" feature should be re-arranged.
- It messes with the comment formatting
- It's got its own visual glitches

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