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[Osdc-list] Preview for user points and badges beta

Hi opensource.com contributors and friends,

I wanted to give you all a heads up on a new feature we are launching next week and also gather feedback on the approach outlined below.

Next Monday, we are planning on launching a beta for a points and badge system on opensource.com. The purpose is to encourage participation on the site. Below, I've outlined how things would work. Your feedback on this can help improve the value of this to our community. Let me know if you have any questions.

Jason Hibbets
opensource.com project manager

*How users can earns points*
Users earn points in the following ways.

    * An article is published that they have authored (30 points)
* A post is published that they have authored and contains a Poll (15 points)
    * Rating an article (1 Point)
    * Rating an article to the article author (1 Point)
    * Voting in a poll (1 Point)
    * Thumbs Up/Down to the user who took the action (1 point)
    * Thumbs Up to the comment author (1 point)
    * Comment (5 Points)

The following restrictions are in place.

    * A user may not earn more than 10 points in a single day.
    * No negative points are awarded to thumbs down, etc.
* A user can not fall below 10 points, once they earn more than 10 points. * If a user has not logged in to the site for 14 days or more, they lose 1 point per day that they do not login. Once they come back, the clock is reset.

*Roles that have badges*
The following actions occur based on points earnings.

    * Newbie - A user earns a single point, triggering the points system.
o For existing users registered before Jan 25, when they log in, they will earn 10 points, thus making them a Community member.
    * A user earns 10 points or more, Community Member
o When a user reaches Community Member or above, they may edit and fill in their Biography/Website information.
    * A user earns 30 points or more, Open Enthusiast
    * A user earns 100 points ore more, Rock Star

Jason Hibbets, RHCSA :: Twitter: @jhibbets
Project Manager | Brand Communications + Design
Red Hat :: 1801 Varsity Drive :: Raleigh, NC  27606

http://opensource.com -- Where open source multiplies

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