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Re: [Osdc-list] Preview for user points and badges beta

Thanks for the feedback Karsten. I will add that to the page. I already have it on the blog post going live on Monday announcing the points/badge system. Having it on the page only strengthens the point.


Karsten Wade wrote:
On Fri, Jan 21, 2011 at 05:45:48PM -0500, Jason Hibbets wrote:
Happy Friday afternoon!

I know for some of you that this is late on a Friday, but I wanted to get this out there since we just published this page explaining the points and badges (derived from the email below).


Have a look when you get a chance and please provide any feedback so that we can improve this system and make it a great experience for everyone. Look for a post on Monday morning, announcing the change.

Also, let us know if we missed any questions in the FAQs.

First read through, it looks fine. Y'all are bringing this together
great, it's clear that it's a beta open for feedback, it's
transparently discussed, and if I have any reservations about how it
works (not really), we'll learn in realtime and adjust.

One thought - end of the first paragraph "we like to be transparent",
that could be a link to the originating thread on this mailing list
that discussed the concept ...


That one link does two things -- shows the history of how we got to
this point, and that it was done with the will and knowledge of the
wider community. It should help people who are feeling complainy to
understand, "Oh, OK, I can have a voice in this, and my idea is ..."

Look forward to seeing how this works in action! Since that discussion
I've been benefiting from a badge (calories-burned/week Android app),
and have some fresh appreciation for the value

- Karsten


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