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[Osdc-list] 1-year anniversary, stats | opensource.com weekly Vol 4, Issue 8

Today is the 1-year anniversary for opensource.com. We kicked off the celebration yesterday by launching a points and badge system. Stay tuned for more announcements on the site this week, such as the winners of the Moderators Choice Award (today) and the People's Choice Award (Friday).

Two small things that you can do this week to help:

* Vote on our 2010 People’s Choice Award [Voting ends on Thursday, 1/27/11] -> http://opensource.com/life/11/1/vote-2010-peoples-choice-award * Read about the beta points and badge system, then give your feedback -> http://opensource.com/should-be/11/1/beta-points-and-badge-system

The opensource.com team wants to provide you with a weekly snapshot about what’s happening on the site and remind you of some of the ways that you can participate. [http://opensource.com/participate]

*Last week's articles*

Open collaboration: A look at nine (very) different communities - by Rebecca Fernandez

Vote for the 2010 People's Choice Award

Work is not the opposite of play! - by Leighton Read

Anniversary edition t-shirt giveaway: Follow us on Twitter or identi.ca

Tron: An open source legacy - by Travis Kepley

Adventures in copyright - by Russ Goerend

Is your brand out of control? - by Chris Grams

Open standards and the royalty problem - by Brian Kahin

Leadership as trusteeship - by Raj Sisodia

Facebook's developer-focused (and open?) culture - by Ruth Suehle

OSI And FSF in unprecedented collaboration to protect software freedom - by Simon Phipps

What is opensource.com? A community for exploring how open source principles like collaboration, transparency, and meritocracy are influencing innovation beyond technology–shaping education, law, business, government, and everyday life.

*1-year statistics*

Some interesting stats, courtesy of Ruth Suehle:

We flipped the switch at 9 a.m. on January 25, 2010. I pulled these numbers at 8:45 a.m. today, so they're a reflection of our first year with accuracy within minutes.

* Pageviews: 1,417,132–I pulled this one last at 8:59, so it's to the minute. As an average, that's 118,094/month, 3883/day, or 162/hour.
    * Unique visitors: 565,433

    * Stories (posts): 551
    * What we're reading items: 760
    * Images in Flickr: 259

    * Authors: About 60
    * Registered users: 2611

    * Twitter followers: 3,178
    * Facebook followers: 1,519
    * Identi.ca followers: 320

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Project Manager | Brand Communications + Design
Red Hat :: 1801 Varsity Drive :: Raleigh, NC  27606

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