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[Osdc-list] opensource.com July 11 update | Vol 6, Issue 6

This is your weekly snapshot on how open source is changing the world and what's happening on opensource.com.

*From the community*
Contributor spotlight: Drew Kwashnak
New authors: Abhishek Singh

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Would you allow public disclosure of your salary?

*Open source is changing the world*
FabFi: An open source wireless network built with trash

Poaching prevention: It’s not a problem. It’s a symptom.

OK Go's Damian Kulash on music, collaboration, and net neutrality

Preventing disruptive technologies from disrupting education

Iceland's open-door government

The trouble with Harmony: Part 1

Did you #askobama?

How open source tools can create balanced learning environments

Marketers: It’s time to reinvent creativity

What is opensource.com? A community for exploring how open source principles like collaboration, transparency, and meritocracy are influencing innovation beyond technology–shaping education, law, business, government, health and everyday life.

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