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Re: [Osdc-list] Unnecessary CAPTCHA check

Hi Erlend,

Sorry for the delayed response on this.

Our CAPTCHA system is powered my mollom. [http://mollom.com/] And it really helps me, personally, because I'm deleting almost 10-20 spam registration accounts / day. Some comments get through, but most are caught by mollom.

I've been working with Dries (one of the maintainers of Mollom and Drupal) to improve mollom's effectiveness. We get hit with lots and lots of spam.

I also see the user experience side, which you mention below. On a bright note, I understand that mollom is based on a reputation system. So as you participate more, the CAPTCHA shouldn't appear unless you are posting a comment with lots of links or some other trigger that may make it suspicious. I'm sure of the intricacies of the reputation system, but it seems to work for most users I know who visit the site often and participate. Maybe you are on the border of improving your mollom reputation?

I hope this answers your questions, we are monitoring the spam levels and how mollom works both for spam and for our trusted users.

There is some additional background here:


Erlend Sogge Heggen wrote:
If I recall correctly, I'm not always prompted for a CAPTCHA check, but for instance now that I was commenting on the proposed changes to comment section <http://opensource.com/should-be/11/2/proposed-changes-comment-section> I did encounter this.

Two things are quite annoying about it:

   1. It's hard! Honestly, I've previously experienced giving up trying
      to get this one right. This time it only took me three tries. I
      think a big part of it is because there's no clear distinction
      between lower and upper case characters. Does it even take lower
      vs upper into account?
   2. I feel like I've proven my worth as a trusted commenter already ^^
      The good comment systems I know work by the logic that once a user
      has had one (just increase that number if you fear a spambot will
      get lucky some time) comment approved, there's no need for
      human-checks any longer.

Any chance this could be fixed?

~ Erlend


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