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[Osdc-list] This week on opensource.com (March 4) | Vol 5, Issue 1

Welcome new contributors: Mickipedia, Julian Birkinshaw, and Luke Fretwell. We had a great webcast this week with Bill Taylor, be sure to check out the on-demand replay.

This is your weekly snapshot about what’s happening on the site and, of course, to remind you of the different ways you can participate. [http://opensource.com/participate]

One small thing that you can do to help:

    * Follow us on Twitter and Identi.ca - @opensourceway
    ** https://twitter.com/#!/OpenSourceWay
    ** http://identi.ca/opensourceway

*This week’s articles*

Dru Lavigne: Confessions of a community manager - by Ruth Suehle

SCALE9x: Changing the world with open source - by Ruth Suehle

Lend some code to your local representative - by Art Seavey

What is your management model? - by Julian Birkinshaw

This one goes out to the fence painters - by Chris Grams

Become a regular contributor - by Chris Grams

Education reform wars: Caricaturization, not disagreement, is the problem - by Rebecca Fernandez

Neighbors helping NeighborGoods - by Mickipedia

What should "Should be" be? - by Jason Hibbets

Recap: A Practically Radical webcast with Bill Taylor and Polly LaBarre - by Ruth Suehle

Emergency ignored: Current status of the Patent Reform Act - by Erick Robinson

Can we use collaboration to solve government's big problems? - by Lori Mehen

Who's really innovative? - by Gary Hamel

Zonability founder shares thoughts on apps, open data, advice to civic developers - by Luke Fretwell

I can't bake croissants: a fable on project documentation - by Mel Chua

What is opensource.com? A community for exploring how open source principles like collaboration, transparency, and meritocracy are influencing innovation beyond technology–shaping education, law, business, government, and everyday life.

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