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[Osdc-list] 11/10 opensource.com update

Why are you getting this email?

A few weeks ago we asked [https://www.redhat.com/archives/osdc-list/2011-August/msg00004.html] if you'd like to get daily updates on the new articles and the site and some of the metrics we gather. There wasn't a lot of feedback, so we decided to give it a try, in the spirit of transparency. This is what we've been sending for the last few weeks.

We've gotten feedback from a few folks that they weren't sure why they were getting this email. So I hope this explanation helps. If the community members on this list feel that this isn't valuable, please let us know and we can either stop sending this or try to consolidate it. Your feedback is welcome.

Happy Friday,

New Articles:
Ruth Suehle: WEBCAST: Register now for "Drupal and Linux: Lessons learned for building open source communities"

Jason Hibbets: Creative Commons: You are the power of open

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