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Re: [Osdc-list] shutting off comments at a certain article age

Karsten Wade wrote:
So I've noticed that the manual spam in the comments section of
articles seems to land on older articles for me. Since I watch the
comments of anything I comment on, it's not just that it's been a
while since I wrote anything! In fact, it was a Chris Grams article
from Feb 2010 that I just deleted a spam comment from.

Lately I've noticed that some bloggers are closing comments on posts
older than a certain age. There is always a way to contact the author,
right?, so if someone really has a relevant comment they aren't
entirely stuck.

I'm curious what the types of comments are on posts that are >3
months, >6 months, >12 months old? How many are relevant and how many

If it's overwhelmingly or entirely spam, perhaps we want to consider
cutting comments off at that point - with a note about contacting the
author or channel lead for follow-up.

It's also possible I'm mis-perceiving the depth of problem. I only see
a few such comments a month, but I figure some of you may see many
more, and that's lots of us distracted if there is little to no value
to what is being written.

- Karsten


I've actually been thinking about this for a while and noticing similar trends that you describe above. We talked about this early on and decided that we wanted to be as open as possible with our content. I think what we're seeing is that folks are not commenting on older content and we're just leaving ourselves open for spam by having the comments open.

I'll investigate with Acquia (our Drupal service providers) if it's possible to automate the closing of comments after a certain period of time. I can't promise anything, but at least we can look into this. I think this would save our authors and moderators some time.


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Project Manager, Red Hat :: Raleigh, NC

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