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Re: [Osdc-list] For our community: An exclusive video sneak peek

One small correction...OSCON has been on the brain recently with so much activity. These lightning talks were filmed at Red Hat Summit. We hope you enjoy.

We'd love some feedback as we keep releasing more.


On 08/02/2012 02:32 PM, Bryan Behrenshausen wrote:
Hi folks,

In the coming days, we'll be launching our new video series--a collection of lightning talks about open source. Opensource.com sponsored a panel of these bite-sized, rapid-fire, five-minute talks at OSCON 2012, and we've finished editing footage of them for the website. The first of these features will debut soon, but we wanted our community list subscribers to catch an exclusive sneak peek of the first installment: "Top 10 Signs Your Company Doesn't 'Get' Open Source,' by Guy Martin, Managing Principal Architect at Red Hat.


Watch and enjoy!


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