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[Osdc-list] Writing opportunity - bug fixes

Hi opensource.com community,

We're looking to see if someone wants to write a reaction piece (300-500 words) about the following article in the New York Times:

Errant Code? It’s Not Just a Bug


"First, it is impossible to fully test any computer system. To think otherwise is to misunderstand what constitutes such a system. It is not a single body of code created entirely by one company. Rather, it is a collection of “modules” plugged into one another. Software modules are purchased from multiple vendors; the programs are proprietary; a purchaser (like Knight Capital) cannot see this code."

It would be great to highlight the benefits of open source code, transparency, and "with more eyes, all bugs are shallow."

Please contact me if you're interested or reply to the list to "grab" this opportunity to get published on opensource.com.


Jason Hibbets, RHCSA :: Twitter: @jhibbets
Project Manager, Red Hat :: Raleigh, NC

Open source is changing the world -- http://opensource.com

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