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Re: [Osdc-list] Khan Academy Computer Science curriculum


We're still trying to coordinate an author for this--so if you would like to tackle it, go for it!

I think the personal stories are really the best though. Sharing those experiences really resonates with our audience.

Let us know if there is some time next week to start working on a follow-up post with the perspective of a novice. I think others will connect with that and say...hey, that sounds like me.

Thanks for your help and interest in the topic.

On 08/14/2012 06:33 PM, Beverly Pearl wrote:
Interesting!  One of my sons (who never though he could do math but was
proven wrong by the Kahn Academy) has been setting up a curriculum for
himself based on the existing program for beginners, under the tutelage
of his Computer-Science-Major older brother.  There might be some
personal experience and reflection to enrich an article in a week or so,
from the perspective of the novice and the experienced, aspiring pro.Â
If that is interesting to you and no one else takes up the challenge in
the meantime I'll write this one.

On Tue, Aug 14, 2012 at 2:28 PM, Ruth Suehle <rsuehle redhat com
<mailto:rsuehle redhat com>> wrote:

    More: http://ejohn.org/blog/__introducing-khan-cs/

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