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[Osdc-list] Fwd: Announcement: Diaspora's new project Makr.io Launches today!

Anybody want to write a quick post about the Diaspora team's new project? Contact info below!

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Subject: Announcement: Diaspora's new project Makr.io Launches today!
Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2012 05:52:33 -0700
From: Maxwell Salzberg <maxwell joindiaspora com>
To: Maxwell Salzberg <maxwell joindiaspora com>


I wanted to let you know that the Diaspora* team is launching a new project today called Makr.io. Our press release is below, and if you want to talk to us or ask any questions, feel free to give us a call at (925) 785-8917 or email hello makr io

You can also read more in Liz Gannes' article on All Things D: https://allthingsd.com/20120816/diasporas-next-act-social-remixing-site-makr-io/


Maxwell Salzberg


For Immediate Release:

Diaspora Team Launches New Project Makr.io

Mountain View, CA. August 16 — Diaspora, the Kickstarter-funded, open-source, social network that was once poised as a potential "Facebook killer," released a new project today called Makr.io. In May, the team announced its acceptance into YCombinator (http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2012-05-10/on-diasporas-social-network-you-own-your-data), the Silicon Valley-based incubator. After building Diaspora into the successful open source community, the team hoped to use their knowledge to tackle a new issue; Diaspora co-founder Maxwell Salzberg says "technology was alienating us more than it was bringing us together—we came to YCombinator to solve that problem."

What is Makr.io(https://makr.io) exactly? Put simply, it's a meme-generator, but not in the traditional sense. Users on Makr.io can combine photos and text to create funny, unique posts, which they can invite friends to remix. A "remix" simply allows users to change the text or photo of another post to change the context and give it their own meaning.

So why would the Makr.io team create a meme-generator as the solution to 'alienation on the web'? Makr.io isn't just about re-pinning or re-blogging—it is about building on existing things. A meme is a unit in which people can express themselves, be unique, and communicate, but that builds on existing culture. "Memes are inherently participatory," explains Daniel Grippi, Diaspora's other co-founder. "They're a way of expressing yourself that is unique to the Internet, and they are a well-documented Internet phenomenon that hasn't been brought to the mainstream yet." 

While so many other social networking sites have tried to replicate "real life" interactions on the Internet, Makr.io hopes to take advantage of the opportunity to develop interactions that are unique to the Internet that are just as meaningful, starting with memes—a medium born and bred on the Internet. While the genre of memes may be well-known to people already, Makr.io explores the basic meme mechanic as a new medium for creativity. Salzberg says memes are "a distributed form of creativity; a meme's idea doesn't come from one place—it's a bottom up, ever-changing form, not top-down with a single meaning."

Users can sign up and start remixing with their friends at http://makr.io.

Press inquiries can be directed to:  email hello makr io. or (925) 785-8917.

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