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Re: [Osdc-list] Writing opp, reaction to: Does Open Source Threaten American Software?

<quote name="Jason Hibbets" date="2012-08-16" time="17:58:36 -0400">
> This one might sting some of you. If you have a reaction that you'd
> like to contribute as an article to opensource.com, let us know.

I would argue that it isn't even worth it to respond. Those who read The
Street don't read OSDC. And those who read OSDC can see right through
the BS in this article.

I think, if anything, an article that exposes how FLOSS can truly help
"American" (how they think all american companies are good at rapid
prototyping is beyond me, but, whatever...) companies be more "american"
(by his definition) with not directly referencing this article, would be

Rebuttal: no.
Positive piece: yes.


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