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Re: [Osdc-list] Writing opp, reaction to: Does Open Source Threaten American Software?

Is open-source there to serve American-only market interests ? I
supposed that this was a worldwide interest that allows all sorts of
developments, both commercial and non-commercial without borders.

The fact that it *may* or may not help American companies is
absollutely out of topic. It may hemlp companies elsewhere in the
world, it would remain open-source. Open-source softare is NOT
designed to serve any commerical interest and almsot all open-source
licences include no warranty of marketability or for any other
purpose. And that's good like that.

Companies can then create their own offers to provde the market
services on top of open-source softwares. They will bill customers for
the service they offer (including end-user assistance, training,
testing), and will offer the necessary arms and time that is needed to
provide what the open-source software does not warranty by itself.
They will procide benchmarking, selection between open-source and
marketed solutions for a particular business need.

There's ample enough space for market development. Open-source
software are part of the possile solutions offered. Except that they
are not exclusive and the price paid by customers is not for the OSS
but for the service offered on top of it.

OSS is good as well for customers because hey are offered alternative
and ways to exit without damages from a given commercial offer, by
choosing another service provider. OSS is just good for competition.
The main benefit of OSS is there : a larger competition, with ways to
replace it by alternatives at any time.

2012/8/17 Greg Grossmeier <greg grossmeier net>:
> <quote name="Jason Hibbets" date="2012-08-16" time="17:58:36 -0400">
>> This one might sting some of you. If you have a reaction that you'd
>> like to contribute as an article to opensource.com, let us know.
> I would argue that it isn't even worth it to respond. Those who read The
> Street don't read OSDC. And those who read OSDC can see right through
> the BS in this article.
> I think, if anything, an article that exposes how FLOSS can truly help
> "American" (how they think all american companies are good at rapid
> prototyping is beyond me, but, whatever...) companies be more "american"
> (by his definition) with not directly referencing this article, would be
> useful.
> Rebuttal: no.
> Positive piece: yes.
> Greg
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