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Re: [Osdc-list] Writing opp, reaction to: Does Open Source Threaten American Software?

Sorry if I accidentally implied it should be about American companies. I
was typing that sentence with my tongue firmly in my check (hence the
scare quotes).

s/"american"/"agile+rapid+whatever"/ in my last paragraph.


<quote name="Philippe Verdy" date="2012-08-17" time="01:04:41 +0200">
> Is open-source there to serve American-only market interests ? I
> supposed that this was a worldwide interest that allows all sorts of
> developments, both commercial and non-commercial without borders.
> The fact that it *may* or may not help American companies is
> absollutely out of topic. It may hemlp companies elsewhere in the
> world, it would remain open-source. Open-source softare is NOT
> designed to serve any commerical interest and almsot all open-source
> licences include no warranty of marketability or for any other
> purpose. And that's good like that.
> Companies can then create their own offers to provde the market
> services on top of open-source softwares. They will bill customers for
> the service they offer (including end-user assistance, training,
> testing), and will offer the necessary arms and time that is needed to
> provide what the open-source software does not warranty by itself.
> They will procide benchmarking, selection between open-source and
> marketed solutions for a particular business need.
> There's ample enough space for market development. Open-source
> software are part of the possile solutions offered. Except that they
> are not exclusive and the price paid by customers is not for the OSS
> but for the service offered on top of it.
> OSS is good as well for customers because hey are offered alternative
> and ways to exit without damages from a given commercial offer, by
> choosing another service provider. OSS is just good for competition.
> The main benefit of OSS is there : a larger competition, with ways to
> replace it by alternatives at any time.
> 2012/8/17 Greg Grossmeier <greg grossmeier net>:
> > <quote name="Jason Hibbets" date="2012-08-16" time="17:58:36 -0400">
> >> This one might sting some of you. If you have a reaction that you'd
> >> like to contribute as an article to opensource.com, let us know.
> >
> > I would argue that it isn't even worth it to respond. Those who read The
> > Street don't read OSDC. And those who read OSDC can see right through
> > the BS in this article.
> >
> > I think, if anything, an article that exposes how FLOSS can truly help
> > "American" (how they think all american companies are good at rapid
> > prototyping is beyond me, but, whatever...) companies be more "american"
> > (by his definition) with not directly referencing this article, would be
> > useful.
> >
> > Rebuttal: no.
> > Positive piece: yes.
> >
> > Greg
> >
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