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Re: [Osdc-list] Writing opp, reaction to: Does Open Source Threaten American Software?

On 17/08/12 00:04, Philippe Verdy wrote:
> Is open-source there to serve American-only market interests ? I
> supposed that this was a worldwide interest that allows all sorts of
> developments, both commercial and non-commercial without borders.
> The fact that it *may* or may not help American companies is
> absollutely out of topic. It may hemlp companies elsewhere in the
> world, it would remain open-source. Open-source softare is NOT
> designed to serve any commerical interest and almsot all open-source
> licences include no warranty of marketability or for any other
> purpose. And that's good like that.

An interesting point, that is probably overlooked, is that open source
and let people all round the world, help generate a lot of wealth for
companies in the US.

If you consider all the companies built on LAMP style stacks these days,
build upon the works of contributors came from all over the world, yet
many of these LAMP-built tech giants are based out of west coast USA,
one could probably make a succinctly patriotic sounding point about.

I'm british though, so I might not be able to polish that for you. ;)

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