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[Osdc-list] Fwd: FREE BOOKS on Open Innovation and Social Media

Some of you might be interested in this.

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Subject: 	FREE BOOKS on Open Innovation and Social Media
Date: 	Thu, 16 Aug 2012 22:42:20 +0000 (UTC)
From: 	15inno by Stefan Lindegaard

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  * Group: 15inno by Stefan Lindegaard
  * Subject: FREE BOOKS on Open Innovation and Social Media

Dear friends,

I believe in being open and sharing insights so in this message you can
download PDF-versions of my last two books in full, for FREE.

I hope you will find this worth your time and if so, it would be great
if you can help spread the word about this link to your network and

You can download the books on this link:

A few words about the books:


“How can my company use social media to bring out better
innovation faster?”

This is the key question that I explore in this book, which covers
issues such as:

• What are the benefits of using social media for innovation efforts?
• What are the challenges and how can you overcome them?
• How can the different social media platforms help bring out better
innovation faster?
• How should companies approach social media for this purpose?
• How can innovation leaders get a better understanding of social
media and start maximizing the value of their virtual networks?

Social media has the potential to be a game changer for how companies
innovate and companies need to pay full attention to the intersection of
open innovation and social media if they want to out-innovate their
competitors. This might be unchartered territory, but it is full of
interesting opportunities.


Practical, engaging and direct! This is the style of Making Open
Innovation Work, which explores the open innovation intersection between
big and small companies by covering the following topics:

• Why big companies need small companies as part of their open
innovation ecosystems.
• The benefits of open innovation – and the challenges it poses for
companies of different sizes.
• How to make open innovation work when the partners are of unequal size.
• Case studies illustrating open innovation between big and small
• How to identify and develop the people who will drive open
innovation within an organization.
• What to do if things go awry in an open innovation partnership.
• How to handle issues of intellectual property rights.
• How to use social media tools to build your open innovation
capabilities and attract partnerships.

I hope you will enjoy this!

Best regards,

Posted By Stefan Lindegaard

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