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Hello Janet:
There are a number of open source articles that explain why people participate in open source initiatives in the archives of opensource.com. Two recent ones come to mind:



As as for "supporting" or "not supporting" people with evil intentions, the choice to either download (free and legal) open source software and become part of this global collaboration, or to avail yourself of proprietary methods of dissemination and system back-up, are unlikely to be the determinants of harm toward children.

It is my understanding that most child abuse still takes place where it always has - behind closed doors and mainly among family members and close 'friends'. If the Internet is giving the perpetrators a false sense of security that draws attention to them and may facilitate their capture, so much the better.

In other words-

1. It is the people behind the keypad who make trouble, and they would, no doubt, purchase whatever software they needed, especially if they believed that they would make money from their exploitation. Neither the Internet nor the software they choose is responsible for their actions.

2. The Internet is not synonymous with "open source". Open source is a system of meritocracy that invites global collaboration to address a variety of society's challenges, including improved technology and education-based issues. My guess is that people who want to exploit children would not likely 'open source' that initiative since it would increase their chances of being caught.

3. Most companies that operate on a proprietary basis also use open source software.

4. Evil is such a subject term that it cannot be defined in legal terms. Therefore, for something to be accepted as open source it cannot include a specific prohibition against 'evil' because the prohibition itself will be dangerously prone to abuse or misinterpretation.

5. A library and public parks can be abused to do 'evil'. Should we not take advantage of these societal goods for that reason?

An enthusiast of opensource.com myself, I hope you will take advantage of the opportunity to browse the archives to learn about the many fascinating open source initiatives taking place throughout the world.


On Sun 19 Aug 2012 10:08:13 AM EDT, Janet Winton wrote:

Hi I'm nit really involved in the open source and I'm not sure I
really understand it but I'm concerned about those who would use open
source freedoms and privledges for personal gain. I see a lot about
open source projects and experiments and my question to you would
be...does open source promote illegal and immoral use if android and
open source to gain data for these projects? I'm pretty sure that I
know someone who is using google earth, Pandora, travel maps and
whatever else to sexually exploit minors for his own personal
pleasure, its destroyed the lufes a of several people and I hope that
open source does not support this.

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