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[Osdc-list] Call for presentation suggestions at the 2013 NC GIS Conf (open source, of course)

The Program Committee of the 2013 NC GIS Conference is soliciting
suggestions for presentations for the conference, which will be held
February 7-8, 2013 in beautiful Raleigh, NC. The conference theme this
year is "The Power of Place."

As a member of the Program Committee, I am trying to make sure that
the many facets of Open Source in GIS are very well-represented. I
know some of you are working on or know of great projects that
incorporate Open Source software and a Spatial component (even if they
aren't what you'd consider "traditional" GIS) that we'd love to expose
our audience to. The conference audience is predominantly city &
county government, but also state, federal, military, non-profit,
academic and increasingly, private sector.

Please submit your topic idea or title, a short (few sentences)
description, and relevant contact information using this online survey


You can suggest yourself or someone else as the presenter.  The
deadline for submissions is Friday, August 17. Multiple submissions
are welcome.  The projects do not have to be based in NC, but that's
always a big plus.

Also, if you know any K-12 teachers who are using Open Source GIS in
the classroom (preferably in NC, but elsewhere is also fine, if they
can travel), please provide a contact. We always try to include some
of what the next generation of "future experts" are doing.

Please note: The NC GIS Conference is an 'all volunteer' conference
that is organized, staffed, and executed by various members of the NC
GIS Community and unfortunately there isn't much of a budget :(  We do
waive conference registration fees for all presenters, but that's
generally about all we can do in the way of financial assistance for

Presentation topic areas include, but are not limited to:

*         Data: Open, Big, Census, Orthophotography, LiDAR, Best Practices,
Sharing and Collaboration, etc.

*         Applications:  Transportation, Public Safety, Planning,
Environment, Property Mapping, and others.

*         Technology: Development Platforms, Cloud Computing, Mobile
Applications, Spatial Business Intelligence, Web Services, etc.

*         GIS in the Enterprise:  Management Best Practices,
Technology Trends, System Integration,  Professional Development,
Legal and Policy Issues, and more. etc.

Your submission will be forwarded to the Program Committee for
consideration and, if appropriate, you will be contacted by a
committee member for more information. This is NOT a formal "Call for
Abstracts" so a response may not be forthcoming to each submission.

The 2013 NC GIS Conference website is here:

Admittedly, there is not much to it yet, but if you want to see what
kind of presentations were given at previous NC GIS conferences, check

2011 NCGIS: http://www.cgia.state.nc.us/Portals/20/documents/Program_Web.pdf

2009 NCGIS:  http://www.cgia.state.nc.us/Portals/ncgis2009/documents/WebProgram20090216.pdf

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