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[Osdc-list] Call for Contributors: Opensource.com Summer Reading

Dear Community Members:

It's that time of year -- time to publish the opensource.com summer reading list. Every year, we highlight for our readers works of fiction and non-fiction that can teach us something about the open source way.  Traditionally, opensource.com moderators have submitted their reading selections for the feature; however, this year we want to invite our community members to compose their own capsule reviews as well.

Anyone wishing to contribute to the opensource.com summer reading list should compose a review of approximately 150-250 words and send it to me via email by July 9.  Authors should include their names, their opensource.com user names, and a link to the selections they've chosen to highlight.  Please refer to last year's reading list as a guide:


We hope you'll consider participating in this venerable opensource.com tradition!


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