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Re: [Osdc-list] Article Opportunity: Facebook's IPO

On 05/18/2012 01:13 PM, Bryan Behrenshausen wrote:
> Hello OSDC'ers:
> Big news this week: Facebook's IPO.  We'd love to feature an article that discusses the significance of this event, particularly with regard to the values of open source.
> Has anyone out there been itching to pen something about Facebook this week?  If so, please let us know.

Who is we? Sorry but I have no idea where this information would end up.
To be honest I also don't see much of a link between OS and Facebook.
There is also a bit of Facebook fatigue going on at the moment from the
plethora of news, articles, etc.

The links I know of are:
a) Facebook publishes various opensource projects like twister and such
that can be used for websites.
b) Facebook took a rather "software patents suck" until they ended up
getting sued by Yahoo.

The anti-links I see are:
a) Facebook is at its essence a closed web. You can't search much of it
unless you are a member. It is very much the AOL of 2010's.
b) Facebooks goal is to get as much advertising dollars out of you as
possible no matter what the costs of long term social problems it might

In the end, these are things that have been written on pretty much every
website over the last 6 weeks in preparation of either Facebook IPO
going great or going horrible.

Stephen J Smoogen. Fedora Team
"Tell me and I'll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me
 and I'll understand." Mencius
“Let us be kind to one another, for most of us are fighting a
hard battle.” -- Ian MacLaren

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