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Re: [Osdc-list] Article Opportunity: Facebook's IPO

> the significance of this event, particularly with regard to the values of open source.

Facebook and Google are considered 'evil' or at least problematic by
many Open Source/Free Software advocates.

And yet, even if the software they used to deliver those services
where 100% Open Source, the problem would remain.

The issue freedom has moved beyond the realm of software, and into the
realm of the hardware and energy and work needed to *host* that

The next step in our evolution - of Freeing the users from subjugation
- is to address the difficulties of sharing the costs of hosting.

The longer we avoid tackling this issue, the more ground we have won
through Free Software/Open Source will slip from our control, until
finally, only those that share hardware for the purpose of subjugating
the users, will have any control.

We, the users, must learn to co-own hardware (think user-owned clouds)
for our own, mutual benefit instead of for the purpose of feeding off
of the dependence of latecomers that do not yet have co-ownership...

Patrick Anderson

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