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Re: [Osdc-list] Article Opportunity: Facebook's IPO

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On 05/18/2012 02:11 PM, Bryan Behrenshausen wrote:
> Perhaps some context may be helpful: I am an opensource.com intern
> (I have met a few folks who've responded so far, but not all), and
> have been thinking about ways we might use this list to encourage
> more participation from the community members who have subscribed
> to it. Opensouce.com moderators and I will often find ourselves
> discussing the news of the day and, inevitably, saying "Boy, I wish
> we had an article about that."  This is precisely what happened in
> response to Facebook's recent IPO.  This time, I thought I'd check
> with our community to see if anyone _was_ thinking about such a
> story (after all, why lament the fact that we don't have the
> content we wished we'd had if I haven't even checked with our
> community?).  So, please consider this merely a general, welcoming
> query.  If there's no story to be had, no angle that hasn't been so
> completely worked over elsewhere, then that's certainly fine.

+1 I heartily support opensource.com using the open source way
whenever possible. :)

So while I'm not sure about the Facebook question, I get the overall
idea of asking, and definitely encourage more!

An interesting idea: would you and the rest of the editorial team
consider having a regular meeting on #opensource.com? You could either
move one of your editorial meetings there, or host a new one that is
about discussing story ideas and future focus. I know of at least a
few people who would attend and interact (myself included), and I'm
certain good things would come from it.

- - Karsten
- -- 
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Red Hat Open Source and Standards (OSAS)
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