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[Osdc-list] Top 5 articles from May


    The day TuxPaint became contagious
* http://opensource.com/education/12/5/day-tuxpaint-became-contagious

    Oracle v. Google shows the folly of U.S. software patent law
* http://opensource.com/law/12/4/oracle-v-google-shows-folly-us-software-patent-law

Raspberry Pi, Allwinner, and CuBox in the Linux hardware race to tiniest and cheapest * http://opensource.com/life/12/1/linux-hardware-race-tiniest-and-cheapest-15-cheap

    Need a resume boost? Get involved with an open source project
* http://opensource.com/business/12/5/get-resume-boost-from-open-source-projects

See the Steam client running on Linux; likely available by the end of the year * http://opensource.com/life/12/4/see-steam-client-running-linux-likely-available-end-year

Jason Hibbets, RHCSA :: Twitter: @jhibbets
Project Manager, Red Hat :: Raleigh, NC

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