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Re: [Osdc-list] MOOCs the Open Source Way

Hi Barry,

Thanks for the link. This week, the Creative Commons examined closely the ways in which newer MOOCs strategically deploy (and reframe) the term "open" to describe what they offer.

Here's a snippet:

"The new cohort of MOOCs are distinct from the original MOOCs in that they are 'open,' thus far, in only one respect: they are open enrollment. The new MOOCs have not yet openly licensed their courses. As MOOCs continue to develop course content and experiment with various business models, we think it's crucial that they consider adopting open licenses as a default on their digital education offerings. In general, the value proposition can be enhanced for the new MOOCs and their users if the MOOCs openly license their courses."

And here's the rest of the story:


On Fri, 2 Nov 2012, Barry Peddycord III wrote:

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Hello friends!

Did any of you see this article in the Chronicle of Higher Education?

Long story short, the company Instructure, provider of the Canvas LMS
(similar to Moodle, Blackboard, and Sakai) is getting into the MOOC
space with "Canvas.net", a collection of open courses built with their

The perceived problem they are solving is one I've been fussing about
for a long time: while EdX and Coursera are making a really big
splash, they are relying on the brand-recognition of the Ivy League
and Research Universities they partner with, which disappoints me
since making exclusive deals with these institutions leaves out a lot
of very talented people who have a lot to offer in this space. I think
MOOCs send the wrong message when you have an "open course" that's
officially led by one or two professors.

Instructure calls this Canvas.net development the democratization of
MOOCs, and I like that quite a bit. If MOOCs like Coursera are the
Cathedral... maybe this new development can help foster the creation
of a Bazaar.

I wonder what a MOOC made in the Open Source Way, maybe even about the
Open Source Way, would be like.

Don't mind me, just thinking out loud,
Barry Peddycord

P.S. In January, Canvas.net is starting a course on Openness in
Education. Probably relevant to this crowd. :)

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