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[Osdc-list] Weekly opensource.com update 11/6

Here is your weekly snapshot from opensource.com. We're happy to share some of the metrics that our team tracks with our community members.

Your feedback on this report is welcome! We will evolve and change it to make it as useful as possible for our community. And thank you for sharing your favorite content on Twitter, identi.ca, Google+, Facebook, HackerNews, Reddit, and many other places!

== From 10/27 - 11/2 ==
Page Views: 30,151 (last week 36,250)
New registered users: 15 (last week 13)
Comments: 16 (last week 37)

Twitter: 8368 (+93)
Facebook: 4202 (+52)
Google +1's: 149 (+18)

*Top 5 posts* (page views)
1) Five new RPG games for Linux (2,262)

2) NASA achieves data goals for Mars rover with open source software (1,820)

3) Raspberry Pi team announces open source ARM userland (1,787)

4) Get your application in for the Steam for Linux beta (1,268)

5) Should software patents be abolished? (1,150)

Jason Hibbets, RHCSA :: Twitter: @jhibbets
Project Manager, Red Hat :: Raleigh, NC

Open source is changing the world -- http://opensource.com

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