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[Osdc-list] Fwd: SLC in NYC and Big Bounty opportunity

FYI on this upcoming event.

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Subject: SLC in NYC and Big Bounty opportunity
Date: Mon, 08 Oct 2012 01:38:00 -0400
From: media dev slcedu org

Silona Bonewald sent a message using the contact form at

Hello! We are contacting NY area developers, innovators, and tech groups to let everyone know about our upcoming SLCCamp where participants will impact
education and connect with other teachers and developers passionate about
edtech. An SLC Camp is a combined Codeathon and Tagathon, where teachers and developers come together to create usable applications for K-12 Education. For more information about SLC Camps, visit http://dev.slcedu.org/slc-camps
and follow us on Twitter @slcdev<http://www.twitter.com/slcdev>.

We have also recently extended the deadline on our SLC Bounty program- Teams with the best proposals for the SLC Apps Bounty Program will receive $75,000
per app. Due to feedback from the developer community, we have decided to
extend the SLC Apps Bounty Program deadline until Tuesday, Oct 16th, 2012.
SLC Apps Bounty Program is designed to encourage the open source developer
community to use SLC technologies to build applications that help teachers
and students.  Drawing from teacher and school administrator focus groups
across multiple school districts, the SLC has identified two highly desirable applications it would like to have developed for use by SLC pilot states and districts. Interested developers are invited to submit proposals to create
these applications for the classroom.   Two teams will receive a bounty of
$75,000 per application.

Spread the word to other open source developers as the deadline is coming up

Learn more at <http://dev.slcedu.org/2012-apps-bounty>

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