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[Osdc-list] May I submit an article without committing to two articles per month?

Hi, all,

I'm interested in submitting an article but don't want to commit to
doing two articles per month. Is this permitted, and if so, how do I
submit it?

The article would be a reaction to Jared Engstrom's article on
software patents at
and to the paper he reviews by Prof. Lemley.

I'm a retired lawyer who has been researching software patent issues
fairly regularly since 2002. I have developed an argument for the
non-patentability of software in the U.S. based on a line of Supreme
Court cases not previously applied to the software patent issue.  A
condensed and unpolished form of the argument can be found in my
Groklaw comment here: <http://tinyurl.com/9vu9bvw>. My hypothesized
article would include the argument in more polished form.

Best regards,

Paul E. "Marbux" Merrell, J.D.

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