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Re: [Ovirt-devel] [Patch] 1st pass at paging

jay wrote:
For this first pass, I added paging to just one place (the host list in pool/show) so everyone could agree/disagree on the path. Once this is set, I can quickly add it in the various places it will be needed. Background: * I am using a rails plugin for the actual pagination called will_paginate. This basically extends active record by adding a wrapper to the find method. The license for this plugin has been approved by Brian Faustyn, who told me it was MIT and should be fine with our gpl code. * For the javascript, I am using jquery and a jquery plugin. These are also MIT licenses.

I have not included these libraries in the patch as they are 3rd party code ad I wasn't sure what our process was on that.. Just let me know if anyone wants them included in the patch.

I think it looks fine overall -- we do need the libraries in the patch, since I think we'd agreed that for the plugin we'd just bundle it with the WUI. So wherever in the rails checkout these need to be we should include them -- in additon to the appropriate license file. We'll also need to update the RPM spec to reflect the fact that we've got MIT and GPL code in there.


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