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[Ovirt-devel] [PATCH] fix ntp for the managed node and add ntp to default dhcp for dev app

ntpdate on the hosts only runs if there is something in
/etc/ntp/step-tickers.  The managed node doesn't have anything in there
presently.  If ntpdate doesn't run at startup, ntpd may refuse to
synchronize with ntp servers if the time differential is too great.  If
clocks are not synchronized, kerberos fails which in turn makes libvirt
comms fail.

This patch adds dhclient exit hooks capability for setting step-tickers
using the dhcp ntp-servers field.  In addition ovirtbr0 has PEERNTP set
which enables /etc/ntp.conf setting.

For the developer setup, the dev wui host has dhcp set to send option
ntp-servers so that nodes can get it as their ntp server (since nodes
can't access the outside world)

Signed-off-by: Perry Myers <pmyers redhat com>

diff --git a/ovirt-host-creator/common-post.ks b/ovirt-host-creator/common-post.ks
index a387bdf..6ebfe2c 100644
--- a/ovirt-host-creator/common-post.ks
+++ b/ovirt-host-creator/common-post.ks
@@ -44,7 +44,7 @@ libvirt-auth-method'
             BRIDGE=ovirtbr`echo $eth | cut -b4-`
             echo -e "DEVICE=$eth\nONBOOT=yes\nBRIDGE=$BRIDGE" \
              > /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-$eth
-            echo -e "DEVICE=$BRIDGE\nBOOTPROTO=dhcp\nONBOOT=yes\nTYPE=Bridge" \
+            echo -e "DEVICE=$BRIDGE\nBOOTPROTO=dhcp\nONBOOT=yes\nTYPE=Bridge\nPEERNTP=yes" \
              > /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-$BRIDGE
            printf 'DHCLIENTARGS="-R %s"\n' $(printf "$dhcp_options"|tr '\n' ,)\
              >> /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-$BRIDGE
@@ -136,6 +136,12 @@ if [ -n "$new_libvirt_auth_method" ]; then
+if [ -n "$new_ntp_servers" ]; then
+    for ntp_server in $new_ntp_servers; do
+        echo "$ntp_server" >> /etc/ntp/step-tickers
+    done
 chmod +x /etc/dhclient-exit-hooks
diff --git a/wui-appliance/devel-post.ks b/wui-appliance/devel-post.ks
index 3f03dbb..77ab16d 100644
--- a/wui-appliance/devel-post.ks
+++ b/wui-appliance/devel-post.ks
@@ -23,6 +23,7 @@ option libvirt-auth-method code 202 = text;
 subnet netmask {
         option domain-name "priv.ovirt.org";
         option domain-name-servers;
+        option ntp-servers;
         option routers;
         option libvirt-auth-method "krb5:";

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